Key Features

Elegant & Spacious

The social areas on the Galapagos Endemic are no less elegant. After a long day snorkeling and visiting the islands, our guests will be able to relax in the spacious interior panoramic lounge with a cold drink while they hear the itinerary for the following day. Irresistible meals created fresh from locally grown ingredients by our professional cuisine specialist will be served in our al fresco dining area so that our visitors will be able to enjoy a cool sea breeze and the songs of the sea birds while they enjoy their meal. For afternoon cruises between visitor sites, guests will enjoy our expansive, airy sundeck with Jacuzzi and lounge chairs.

Modern Design

The Endemic will have two hulls instead of one. This advancement in ship design has many benefits for the crew and passengers. The twin-hull design allows for much more space on board than traditional single-hulled vessels, meaning more room in suites and luxurious, comfortable areas.

The Crew

As elegant and inviting as the Endemic itself is, we believe that it is the people, not the ship, that make for a memorable cruise. A high-end yacht like the Endemic naturally is staffed by a first-class crew, dedicated to the safety and comfort of our guests. The Endemic has a crew of twelve, including experienced officers, knowledgeable naturalist guides, cruise manager and a professionally trained chef.

Wild Life

The ship and the staff aren’t even the best part of any journey to the Galapagos Islands: that would be the islands themselves. The Galapagos Endemic has an enviable itinerary, making visits to all of the most remarkable visitor sites the islands have to offer. Some of the more memorable visits on our itinerary include Punta Espinoza (Fernandina Island), home of the extraordinary Flightless Cormorant and a teeming colony of marine iguanas, a snorkeling trip off of majestic Kicker Rock, where fortunate guests may see a school of hammerhead sharks, and a stop at North Seymour Island to see nesting Frigate Birds and Blue-footed Boobies as well as sea lions and the elusive land iguanas.

Type of meals

On board the M/C Endemic, breakfast and lunch will be buffet style and, depending on Cuisine Specialist’s selection, dinner will be served based on a delicious menu and buffet. Our Cruise Service Officer will make sure passengers have their selection ready for dinner. Any kind of specific food requests must be informed to your preferred travel agency in advanced. On board the Endemic, we are flexible and eager to prepare special and always delicious meals for our guests, based on their food preferences, tastes and ingredients or tradition.

What are you waiting for? The Galapagos Endemic is waiting to take you on the trip of a lifetime! Contact your booking agent today to reserve a spot on what is sure to be the most sought-after cruiser in Galapagos, the Endemic!